Putting your home on the market – A checklist for marketing your home


Once you have decided to put your home on the market and chosen your estate agent, here is a rough guide to the things you should do!

Preparing the house

  • Tidy up and clean up before your valuation
  • Attend to any obvious repair work
  • Consider any ‘neutral’ redecoration required
  • Start packing away as many of your personal possessions as you can
  • Clean the windows
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathroom
  • Make sure all the light bulbs in all the lights are working
  • Sort out the front of the house, including neighbouring gardens if need be!
  • Dress each room properly – i.e. for its purpose. Put a dining table in the dining room, and beds in the bedrooms, even if you have used these rooms for other things.

Working with the agent

  • Have the house clean and tidy, ready for internal photos and measurements
  • Tell the agent about any special features that should be mentioned
  • Decide what you want to include in the sale, eg oven, washing machine, curtains, etc.
  • Put together a file of all documents relating to the house – utility and council tax bills, guarantees on the central heating and double glazing, etc.
  • Order a Home Information Pack – your home can’t be advertised without it.
  • Get a key cut for the agent
  • Clarify viewing arrangements – will the agent do them? Must they get your permission first each time? Do you need to take the dogs out? Make sure both you and the agent know exactly what to do.
  • Check the agent’s details as soon as they are available to make sure nothing has been missed. Address any problems that you’ve spotted before the agent begins

Preparing yourself

Remember that you are moving on, and for everything that you leave behind there will be a whole new range of possibilities opening out ahead.  Although it may be unsettling having strangers coming round to your house, it won’t last for long, and when it’s done you’ll be building a new home for yourself elsewhere.  The hassle you are about to go through is a necessary challenge, and will be well worth it for the end results that it will brings.  If you are worried, let the agent know that they need to respect your sensibilities.  Draw on the strength of those around you, your friends and family, and look ahead to the next stage of your life.



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